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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday Poem: 'Empty Apartment II'

© Gabriel Ward 2012

 It is not present here –
that sense of human existence,
the smell of someone
who inhabited this space
before I found it.

The only things left behind
were a smashed cabinet
a hammer
shards of glass
and a skein of red wool.

I lay down in a cold corner
and wrapped the wool
around my wasted heart,
the strands got tangled
along the lengths of my ribs.

I could make my home here,
on this dusty floor,
a quiet place to sleep
and shelter
from the lonesome rain.

Here it is quiet,
and I am liminal,
betwixt and between realities,
so if I was to stretch out one hand
it would be found elsewhere.

- Leah McMenamin

This poem was inspired by some of the AMAZING photographs (like the one above) taken by Gabriel Ward. Gabe and I are friends from university, and he is currently living in South Korea. His photos are really edgy and soulful, you can visit him here:

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  1. That moment of possible connection in the final lines - the arm stretching out - is so powerful, Leah. A very soulful poem to match a haunting photograph!

  2. I really love the feel of this poem - it's very surreal.

  3. There's a lovely unplanned juxtaposition between this poem and the one Kathleen Jones posted this week: see

  4. The way the narrator appears to adjust to making a home in this cold sharp space...the impulse to have a corner of their own in spite of their liminality. Takes us out of our comfort zones. Great picture; the photo and the poem. And thanks for the new word...liminal-I like it:-)

  5. The narrator is nicely situated here, observing what's around her and also her own relation to it. Nicely done, capturing this betwixt and between. And yes interesting photo. I'm on the hunt for good art for an upcoming issue of A Baker's Dozen ( -- maybe your friend is interesting in getting in touch? :)