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Friday, July 27, 2012

NZ Poetry Day: 'For My Brother' - Ron Riddell

After so many distances
solitudes and silences
after so many journeys
deaths, losses

After so many sojourns
seas, shores of exile
forgone farewells
and nil responses
I remove myself
from familiar ground
to where I’m rootless
with no past nor name

that I may speak
to you, truly, kindly
from an inner state
which resonates

with the midnight
cooing of a morepork
patient, timeless
calling from the deep.

 © Ron Riddell (reprinted here with his kind permission)

Ron is an arts graduate of Auckland University, and he worked for many years as a school teacher. In recent years, he has been travelling and working in the Americas. Writer and peace-advocate, also a painter, musician and author of a number of books and plays, has published twenty-one collections of verse and two novels.  He has been the founder and organiser of many writers’ workshops and cultural gatherings in New Zealand, Great Britain and Colombia, most notably perhaps The Wellington International Poetry Festival. Whilst better known as a poet, he now divides his writing time between fiction and poetry.

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