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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Welcome to my new little online home-sweet-home. I am writing this as an attempt to make a tiny contribution to the New Zealand literary scene, so when you visit you should find links to great writing hubs (for example – and a growing list of exciting blogs.

I love reading. If I could spend every minute of every day sitting (or standing, or crouching, or kneeling, or lying) somewhere warm with a book I would. Once a week I’ll post an excerpt from a book I, or someone else I’ve spoken to, is reading. No analysis of it or anything – just something to share the reading love! I’m going to put them up on a Monday to get us all through the week ahead – you’ll find them under Monday Inspiration.

I also write. When I say write, I mean I am often found scribbling nonsensical sentences on scraps of paper and occasionally cobbling them together into a poem or short story. Once a week I’ll try and post a poem I’ve written, or a poem I love, as a contribution towards the wonderful poetry project MaryMcCallum has started – as listed above, the Tuesday Poem. You’ll find these, as the title suggests, on a Tuesday, entitled Tuesday Poem.

This week is also New Zealand Flash Fiction Week, so sometime before Friday I will hope to get a piece of flash fiction up as well. Flash Fiction is described rather delightfully by Mary McCallum as the “lovechild of poetry and short stories”. It’s lots of fun, so definitely pay the NZFF website a visit. 

So, welcome, and I hope I’ll see you around here again soon!

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