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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Poem: 'Papaya'


You asked me if I liked
these jewel fruits
and offered me one,
languid and ripe in your hands,
standing close to me as I considered it.

We cut it open on the ground
so the seeds,
caviar black,
spilled out on the dirt,
and its blushing heart was revealed.

We pinched its flesh,
pulled it out in
fibrous strands
and fed each other.

This is how respect is shown here -
the transfer of nourishment
from hand to mouth;
the sacrifice of the most basic of needs
one to another.

Birds came for the seeds later,
fanning their feathers
in iridescent flashes
and leaving soon after.

- Leah McMenamin


  1. Nice one Leah - and works wonderfully with 'Ripe Fruit' at the hub. I like the birds coming so casually at the end.

  2. Mmmmm, just moved from cheese poetry to this. And while I love both, I feel more attached to this one. Papaya has that lush feeling -- there is warmth and delicacy in both language and feeling here.

  3. A hearty welcome to Tuesday Poem, Leah! So delighted to see you here :) I really felt the earthy, tactility of this poem. The piece of fruit almost seems like the poem to me - cut open, left for those to pick at, to share. Fabulous!

  4. Hello there Leah - I'm just catching up with past Tuesday poems and found this, which is utterly delicious. Welcome to the blog! Belinda